GB3SR Allstar & Echolink Repeater /Analogue Repeater working in Harmony

Your Central "East Coat of Linconshire Repeater" Working For You!

Connect Too:

Allstar: 47464 // Echolink: GB3SR-R

Update. 16/06/2020

Reapeter Abuse:

GB3SR; I/we are aware of local repeater abuse by non licensed users within the Lincolnshire East Coast.

This abuse has now started to show up on my repeater GB3SR. Until further notice the repeater will be active sporadically, and  if the abuse continues the repeater will be close down for longer periods. Please note we are aware of the current local situation.

The repeater keeper and GB3SR NOV holder has change to

Peter Franklin G7UVD as of 26/05/2020

Operational Conditions 

Western Union Electric:

New power line pylons are now replacing the old pylons. From time to time the Electricity supply drops out and it will effect the repeater.

Sorry for any inconvenience


 Broadband (BT Line):  

Nothing changed, Openreach are still a pain! on and so on.

(O` the joy of living in the countryside! Who said it is healthy?)


Equipment ugrading or testing: 


Equipment and  the system is tested on or around the 20th of each month

Repeater is always being updated by way of new equipment.

More recently the feed cable hads been replaced. If you experience loss of signal please let me know via a text 07784292757. Thank you  

Apologise for any inconvenience when our service is interrupting your use


This repeater uses a configuration of two antennas:

 * Antenna no1 is a "Diamond BC205 UHF only" unit 40ft high. (ASL in this location is 6 to 8ft). This antenna remains in operation until the forces on nature rolls in when it is dropped down to safe guard the station.

* Antenna no 2 is an old gal. Purchased in 2003."A Diamond X75 tribander. 2mtr, 70cm, and 6mtr."She is attached to the side of the house and again about 40ft in height.It is used for the repeater when adverse WX is rolling in and the BC205 is dropped down so we apologise if you receive a reduced signal during this time _____________________________________________________________

PLEASE and with Respect I ask !

Do not misuse our repeater system by bleeping up.

If you require a quick test just put a call out.

Thank You

Communications in the Palm of Your Hands

Welcome to the Website of 


(at Friskney - PE228RR - Lincolnshire NE England UK)

This site is designed for information of the Allstar and Echolink systems via GB3SR

 Tx frequency 430.9125mhz (user rx)

Rx frequency 438.5125mhz (user tx)

CTCSS 71.9hz

My Favourite Nodes, and just for your information are;

27000 or 27066 inter connecting with UKHub (Great Hub)

41288 or 41522 or 41223 inter connecting with HubNet (Great Hub)

27133 or 29332 The Alaska's Morning Net (Excellent Nets all week at 18.00hrs to 20.00hrs local time),


GB3SR has no affiliation to any group or organisation but remain grateful for the use of the various Nodes, Hubs & Gateways we are permitted access to and allowed to use. You may wish to connect to your own nodes. It is a repeater so please feel free.Controlled Nets need your help with donations to keep on going.

If you can, please help with a donation to one of the Repeaters, Hubs or Gateway as equipment always needs maintenance and can at times be costly. Your financial support by way of a donation would be helpful.

PLEASE.....  & Thank You!

For Your Information

The newer digital voice modes can be a nightmare to negotiate. I have tried to add some very brief videos under the relative headings to help you.

Youtube is a minefield of information at your disposal. Please take full advantage of these videos to help you to understand the difficulty's of linking the systems together, and the great work our fellow enthusiasts have accomplished over time.

All to allow us as "Amateur Radio Enthusiasts" to contact one-another right across the world using this newer style of operating.

A big "Thank you" to them.

From: Bren 2E0BDS (Friskney Lincolnshire NE England UK)



These pages have links to various out side sources which provides you with the information you may be looking for.

Please keep in mind once you click on the link we are not responsible for any indiscretions. You visit the site based on your own free will and judgement. That written, on testing the links when they were first placed for your convenience and or enjoyment on this site, they all worked very well.

The information with in the pages is informative and helpful.

Please enjoy your radio..


Finally, the information based around "operational conditions" is to keep "YOU" the user up to date on the highs and lows of running the repeater.

What's to be done, when its to be done. Maintenance, equipment upgrade and so on, and so forth.

It keeps you fully informed. It would be interesting to hear from you as to were you can hear GB3SR ( we are talking analogue and not Internet based connections ) and just from my own prospective so I can plot a graph as to its capabilities. Good areas and the bad that could possibly be improved upon.

So please, if you would just drop me a line or two as to were, when and "S" report.( Contact Page )

Thank you again.