GB3SR Allstar & Analogue Repeater

Your Central "East Coat of Lincolnshire Repeater" Working For You! Updated 15/02/2022

The repeater is controlled by DTMF tones.

*3 to link (plus node number )

*1 to unlink (always unlink from a node before linking to another).

*70 gives current linked status (which node your connected too)

*71 forces disconnection of all nodes

*81 gives current time announcement.

The repeater can accept incoming connections from other nodes.



Please do not misuse the repeater.

It has been installed for your enjoyment.

GB3SR is not affiated to any club or group so you may freely connect to any system, be it a Allstar Node or Hub.Any Echolink Repeater or personal Node number worldwide.

PLEASE Remember to unconnect from any Allstar or Echolink connection

Thank you for reading this note...

Enjoy your hobby