GB3SR Allstar & Analogue Repeater

Your Central "East Coat of Lincolnshire Repeater" Working For You! Updated 15/02/2022

Private Allstar node  43777

These are private "So for personal use only" nodes or hot spot for either mobile or home use. The Hot Spot are on the " Allstar Network." and operational from May 15th 2019..

The Video below will give you, if you are not sure, an idea of what I am talking about.

If you are wanting your own Hot Spot on the AllStar system or any other system come to that, you will have to register with that system service.

As previously stated and as in this case I have chosen  the Allstar network and Echolink as they match my needs It`s simple enough to do. Below is just one of many videos on youtube that explains how the box of tricks is made and works. Remember you will need to programme your hot spot (unless it`s pre-purchased in which case it`s all done for you) which is a completely different animal and I am still learning about myself.

My philosophy is learn why things work.

What they do?

Why they do it?

You don't have to fiddle (by that I mean sticking your hands in and ripping everything to pieces for what ever reason or getting a 100 wtts soldering iron or gun, even worse, to reconnect a loose wire on a surface mount board. DON'T DO THAT!. People seem to enjoy that kind of fiddling. "Destruction" I call it, "Fun" the pre described call it ) with the hardware but copy any system setting before you alter anything that way you can reset.

A good piece of advice I learnt a long time ago is also to take photos`s of the inside of equipment if it needs opening. You may want to water mark or post code the equipment incase of theft. 

( That written ,It`s like a box of your favourite chocolate's, or your favourite tipple, curiosity will in time get the better of you and you will want to look inside if it is equipment you have purchased. So, just in case things go wrong and you detach something accidentally. It does happen.Take that photo).

Always ask the vast amount of highly experienced Amateurs for help. The only stupid question "is the question not asked". Learn, and progress, then try yourself.

After all, it is what our hobby is all about. "Experimenting".

One final note. The DMR, D-Star, AllStar, Echolink. Fusion or any other systems are all linked around the world, so you will be heard "Around The World". Please be careful when experimenting as to not course problems with the systems and other users, thus locking the systems up.

You Will Be Blocked. You Will Not Be Loved. That said, you cannot make omelettes without breaking eggs.

Ejoy your hobby