GB3SR Allstar & Analogue Repeater

Your Central "East Coat of Lincolnshire Repeater" Working For You! Updated 15/02/2022


Read the caption under the pics. Just a little bit of fun!

1970s Broadband Workmanship by the"Post Office". Lovely job!

1980s &1990s Broadband Workmanship by "Buzzby" Stll a nice job!, sadley privatised in the 80`s

2000 to 2010 Broadband Workmanship by BT/Openreach. O`dear going down the pan!.

2010 to 2020 Broadband Workmanship by sold off Openreach putting in 5G network. Were all screwed!," boy`s doing a mans Job!" I thnk the saying goes. 6 months training and they are good to go.

2030s The future. Openreach changed its name to" OMGWHATTHEFU Ltd" putting in 8G,9G or 10G network. Modern workmanship done`t you just love it!