GB3SR Allstar Repeater & Analogue Repeater working in Harmony

Your Central "East Coat of Linconshire Repeater" Working For You!

Can you guess what the photo is a snapshot off?

Yes! it is a radio so that narrows it down. However, future photos could be of anything radio reliated

There is no prize it's just for fun to get the thinking matter going. Tell you what. For all those that get it right I will put their name or call sign on the front page of GB3SR website till I replace the photo on the first day of every month. Whoopy Do you might think, but it is just for fun remember!

I know one or two that will get this straight away............ Good luck!

And come on join in and have ago.

Answers via


Text. 07784292757

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For those that cannot wait I have hidden a link to the radio’s ID within the website, somewhere.