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Interference "Simples"

Hello to all.

So were writting about radio-frequency interference (RFI) & Electromagnetic interference (EMI) when in the radio frequency spectrum, is a disturbance generated by an external source that affects an electrical circuit by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic coupling, or conduction. That's the posh way of putting things.

I have my own take on things, less University Grad explanation more understandable and plain English.

So, I have been listening to some of the QSO`s on the wire in regards to interference. Now, I am talking home interference ( it`s your own fault for buying that cheap phone charger you dumbbell) your home or even from a neighbour which is what happened in my case.

My neighbour thinks I am nuts ( I well maybe) in any case, so I felt no need to go charging through their door with a hammer in my hand to destroy their electrical equipment that I considered to be causing interference to my Top Band and 80mtr. A small amount trickled through on VHF but that was not too much of a problem.

I had a choice of two new pieces of equipment my lovely neighbours had delivered as I had eyes on when they arrived. And before we go any further don't go thinking every time a van arrives to my lovely neighbour I go in to sleuth mode to see what was being delivered.......I would`ent do that,...... would I, ? (Read on)

Anyway, It wasn't the first delivery which was a BIG, and I  mean BIG new TV. Talk about melt down, well you could have made a chocolate fountain out of me if you had put a very large bar of Galaxy on my head because I was that hot and bothered. It would have melted with heat transference, and the steam coming out of my ears. You have all seen the emoji.

Sadly, it was the 2nd delivery that was a problem. Before I tell you any more and as the equipment delivery was only a small box. I would have had to have eyesight smiler to the Jodrell Bank telescope to see what was on the side of the box. It was written in white writing that’s all I could see.I new it was a BT box though!.

You noisy SOD you must think.....Yep! , does that answer the above question now.

Well wind you necks in you lot.

I don't curtain twitch, if I want to see I get a set off BLOODY GREAT BIG DOUBLE EXTENDING LADDERS and Binoculars to have a good old nose.....Well!. Why not ?

Humour aside, both deliveries happened while I was working in the garden just to set the record straight.... so there!

The 2nd delivery known as "Hell In A Box" for those that have suffered from its ruthless noise will testify, It was A BT TV/ Fusion Router.

I know it was coming as I know or knew the engineer that used to come to work locally as he also was a Ham.( I wonder what happened to him?)

"Your in trouble now he said", pre adjustment on the pole outside of my house. O` S@!T was my thoughts.

The BT line  noise had become horrendous and that was before the router was in place or in line. Unfortunately  I used the telegraph pole to attache my TB 260ft dipole leg to. 

I did have to remove the leg from the pole which killed the interference from the BT main line.... for now. Not because BT told me to as the pole belongs to Western Electric Power Lines. So BT could do nothing.

However. Once the new router was in place in my equally nutty neighbours I could tell, and how. On TB 9 to 30DB over of hum...............My favourite band dumped on by BT TV I made a recording of the noise to do a talk at our local club on this very thing with audible examples.

My only consolation was I knew the neighbours router went off at 21.00hr like clock work as they went to bed early and turned off the router...... But the BT Fusion remained live and still gave me a little agro, to about Sig 3/4. Used to be zero noise, Man made that is.

Tell you what I did learn. They are supposed to put filtering in the exchanges. So, and as you do, as I went past the exchange twice daily I waited until I found an OpenReach van outside. Well it appeared they had mistakenly.

There words not mine. Not put any filtering in line ( being careful what I write here) but once they had the filters in place the sig to nose ratio, man made noise that is dropped again to about 1to2 DB once the router went off.

12 months of hell!. so to get around it, I had 2 antennas for HF, 160 and 80 installed, built both my self. One to receive and one to transmit.

My saving grace was I knew the neighbour would not keep the system for long as there are better systems out there (Notice how I was careful with my wording there.. I could have said....." BT TV and Sport is crap and they dumped the system after 12 months" which incidently is the truth). It left the line live for about 4 months then the fusion TV side was killed on the line. Wow what a time. and what a differance when it went off.

Now an important fact here. Unfortunately we have only a few houses in our lane. So the OpenReach cable is the old 1/3rd of an inch armer plated cabling, none of this fancy fibre optic stuff. We will still be on 30 Mbp speed when the whole world is on 5000mbp.

The thing I learnt during this inconvenience is OFCOM don't give a toss, Opps! Sorry. Should I say OFCOM are preoccupied in other quarters and will get to us at some point in the next millennium, or is that to sarcastic?

We have no voice, no one to speak up for us at all! So the worldwide manufacturers are getting away with murder. The equipment is under par. Cheep Crap.Imported daily and OFCOM is obviously in bed with manufacturers as they allow all sorts of crappy PSUs and equipment to interfere with our bands due to very poor construction, only my view by the way. Love to see what would happen if I transmitted over BBC Radio 1. Of course I know what would happen, I would get well fed and watered for 28 days for nothing via HRH.

Hell and High Water would come our way if our signal interfered with Coronation Street or EastEnders on the TV.

Well, back to my original moan or grip "Interference" from electrical equipment and how I could help you find it origins with the information and video below.

One thing I learnt many moons ago was how to track down a location and indeed the equipment with in your own home or the property that was a problem. It was or still remains a simple AM transistor radio.

You can track down a lot with one of those things. And one thing to remember. An interference, hum, nose, signal travelling down the power lines can come from miles away not just your own house or next door.

Anyway, from my side of the house I could even tell where the Router was placed as the intolerable nose went up in tone. This sod in thing gave off so much interference I could her it on my transistor radio in the garden both front and back. Down the road, about 1 mile away and in the fields. Dont send me an email asking what I was doing 1 mile away from home in a field.....

It's a simple piece of equipment but invaluable. I would not be without one. You should hear what your own TV gives out and your phone chargers....WoW.

BT routers have over the generation got rubbish. I have the latest one and 90% of the filtering has been stripped out to save money. I have in line a ASUS Router/Hub and when BT are back in town I put the BT series 5 back in line as it's about the last of the decent and reliable Routers/Hub BT had commissioned. Allegedly......Have a look in side one, in fact check out an old. By that I mean at least 6 years plus phone charger to a modern day one. The metal heat-resistant protection box has gone.

(It wont be to long before they take a lesson from Hygina QA. Remenber them, the first flat pack kitchens....The broardband suppliers will send you the parts and tell you to build your own.)

They have even removed the static bleed off resisters in the main BT phone/broadband in box to save money if your unlucky enough to need one. Your equipment takes the hit if there is a strike on the line.

Remember there is no such thing as "An Act Of God" so if you are that unlucky it's not a defence for them.

Ok thats my story. And below is a video on the use of finding a electrical interference with a transistor radio for those that dont know.

New kid on the block is the Electric Smart Meter, it causes havoc

Is there anyone out here that will help us?

Anyway, hope it helps

I luck forward to the usual barrage of abuse.

Keep it coming, Keep well, Keep safe and Keep Your Distance


Bren 2E0BDS

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